3 in 4 Americans Use CBD Products

CBD product use has been on the rise for quite some time now and the market continues to expand. But how much has the market actually expanded?

Green Element, an artisanal CBD company, has published new research that reveals just how much the CBD market has expanded.

“We can now say that three out of four of Americans are using CBD products,” said Doug McHart, CEO of Green Element. “That’s great news for our industry but it’s better news for those CBD consumers who are alleviating pain, reducing anxiety and improving their quality of life.

Another area of interest in the study is the demographic of CBD product customers. Perhaps surprisingly, affluent professionals in their thirties and forties are the consumers who use CBD products the most.

McHart goes on to say, “This new data draws a comprehensive and striking image of those consumers: They’re educated, upper income, professional families. They’re smart and they’re choosing to take charge of their family’s health.”

Additionally, the study notes that:

  • 97% of Americans believe CBD products provide health benefits
  • 40% of Americans take CBD for anxiety and/or stress
  • 34.4% of CBD consumers make more than $150,000/year
  • More than 80% of Americans aged 25-45 use CBD products

While CBD products used to be an occasional occurrence with your employees, now the statistics say otherwise.

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