Avoid a Trip to the ER With This Advice!

CBD continues to grow in popularity. More and more CBD shops are popping up all over cities and rural towns, and together with online stores, almost everyone has access to thousands of CBD products.

One particular product, CBD edibles, is a popular way to combine the satisfaction of a sweet treat with the high of marijuana. However, health officials warn that the edibles could be an increasing cause of marijuana overdose.

Specifically for individuals who have never used marijuana before, edibles need to be consumed slowly. This is because the “high”-causing compounds in edibles are slowly absorbed in digestion and it will take longer to feel the effects—up to several hours—as compared to the several minutes of inhaling marijuana.

First-time users expecting a quick boost may consume too many edibles and be at risk for an overdose. Seniors and those with low metabolisms are especially at risk. Symptoms of an overdose include a racing heart, anxiety and panic attacks. If an overdose is suspected, a trip to the emergency room is warranted.

To avoid the risk of overdose, health officials recommend waiting several hours between consuming another edible in order to feel the effects and know how your body is responding. Watch this video to learn more about the importance of slowly consuming edibles:

As an employer, it’s important to be informed about CBD edibles and the effect they can have on your employees. Because of their innocent disguise, these may be consumed in your workspace and distributed amongst other employees. 

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