Marijuana screenings still allowed in states that ban pre-employment tests

While much of the United States has been rejoicing over Nevada and New York’s recent decision to ban pre-employment testing for marijuana, there are a few caveats to these laws that have been overlooked.

For the safety of the general public, certain occupations prohibit the use of marijuana. According to the Chicago Tribune, “Police officers, peace officers, people who supervise children, any position that requires a commercial driver’s license, nurses and a variety of others cannot test positive for weed – not ever.”

However, many jobs don’t fall into these categories. So are you safe to use marijuana without restraint in certain jurisdictions?

It may appear this way at first. And while in certain jurisdictions you may be able to get the job while using marijuana, you may not be able to keep it. Employers may not be able to test for marijuana in a pre-employment screening, but they are still able to perform random drug tests throughout your employment and exercise disciplinary action or termination depending on your results.

Further, if an employee using marijuana is involved in a workplace accident, that employee is subject to disciplinary action and termination after a drug screening.  

So while you may be able to cruise through the pre-employment drugs screenings and get the job, there’s still plenty of ways marijuana can also get you fired and should be used with caution and restraint. 

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