More People are cheating on Drug Tests in Arizona

In Arizona, more and more people have been caught cheating on employer-required drug tests. From 2017 to 2018, this number rose by 40%.

Up to 9% of people deal with substance abuse. Among doctors and nurses, that number is thought to be as high as 15 %. In Arizona, the most common forms of attempted cheating include using substitute urine or synthetic urine.

One woman, who wished to remain anonymous, explains, “It’s super easy to do. They give you a little bottle. It comes with a temperature strip on it. You premix the little urine in the water, and it looks yellow. It has, supposedly, all the properties.” She had used this synthetic urine successfully twice before.

But the third time, she got caught. The lab detected an imbalance with the properties of her urine. They called to inform her that she had failed her drug test, which also meant she lost her job in the medical field.

“I have learned a terrible lesson,” she said regretfully.

The upswing of cheating on drug tests should be a wake-up call to employers. The rates of those caught has risen 40%; who knows how many other cheating attempts went undetected. If an employee shows signs of drug use or abuse, you have the legal right to test all your employees at any time during employment, even if they have previously passed a drug test. It’s up to you to provide a safe and healthy workspace for all employees.

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