Cancellation/Refund Policy

There are NO refunds in any amount on any of our drug testing services for any reason. Whether you change your mind, you can’t find your photo ID, you received notification that you no longer need the test, you have scheduled a test for an employee that did not show up, etc. there are NO refunds, regardless of the reason. We will allow you to use the registration number any time in the future, you can change the donor to a different individual and you can even use the balance you paid for the test towards a different test with us. We are very flexible with regards to the many ways you can use the balance you have paid to our company, but there are absolutely NO refunds on drug testing.

Reschedule Policy

Testing may be rescheduled without incurring any additional fees. In fact, an appointment for drug testing is not necessary. Once you receive your registration number from us, you can visit the facility for collection any time within their drug screening hours.

Privacy Policy

There are many things that are important to us, such as affordability, convenience and simplicity. However, your confidentiality is our primary concern. We use extreme measures to protect your medical information. We will in no way use, sell or release your personal medical information, except as needed to comply with HIPPA regulations. Our staff is trained in HIPPA compliance issues and takes your privacy very seriously. We respect our clients and ensure that all counseling and testing remains completely confidential.