CBD Oil Consumption is Questionable for CMV Drivers

CBD continues to grow in popularity and is used by millions of Americans to relieve ailments, reduce anxiety, and help them relax. However, there is cause for caution against consuming CBD products, especially for CMV drivers.

CBD products are labeled as containing no THC–the element that results in intoxication–and yet, THC may still be present in the product.

This becomes problematic for CMV drivers. Driving under the influence of alcohol is obviously illegal, but many don’t stop to consider the effects of CBD oil.

CBD oil may make you sleepy or reduce your overall alertness. CMV drivers should know how CBD products affect them personally before driving, and should never take more than their usual dose while driving.

Equally as important, the US Department of Transportation has a zero-tolerance approach to CBD. That means if you test positive for CBD artifacts, you have grounds for termination.

If you are or are considering consuming CBD products, make sure to carefully research the CBD product you consume. Not all CBD products are created equally, and some could cause you to test positive on a random drug screening.

Learn more about this topic in the video below:

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