COVID-19 Causes Surge in Illegal Drug Use

No one would argue that 2020 has been a crazy and stressful year. With so many uncertainties, anxiety and depression have steadily climbed. In order to cope with stressful situations, anxiety, and/or depression, many people have turned to illegal drugs for comfort.

Illegal drug use was already on the rise before the pandemic, but COVID-19 has increased positive drug tests substantially:

“The positivity rate increase from January to May 2020 was 21.57% for marijuana, 16.67% for amphetamines, 5.19% for opiates, and 51.72% for cocaine.”

Although 2019 also saw a rise in amphetamine and marijuana positivity rates, the pandemic has exacerbated the problem. This can be noted with cocaine, which was decreasing from May to December of 2019, but the pandemic has caused cocaine use to bounce back.

For the safety of employees and consumers, it’s vital that employers begin stringent pre-employment and random drug testing. Further, employers must continue heightened drug testing after the pandemic has ended due to the addictive nature of drugs.

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