How Do People Try to Beat Drug Tests?

It’s inevitable that those using drugs will try to beat drug tests so they can continue with substance abuse. Especially for those in severe addiction, individuals may go to great lengths to cover their drug use.

The measures an individual uses depends on which drug test they are being subject to.

Urine Tests

Methods for trying to beat a urine test include:

  • Detoxify their urine by drinking large amounts of water or cranberry juice. Numerous drinks, capsules, and chewables are available online that promise to cleanse urine in as little as one hour.
  • Use additives—liquid or solid crystal chemicals that “guarantee” to mask or eliminate the presence of drugs.
  • Substitute someone else’s urine for their own, often from a friend or loved one, and pour the subsitute urine into the test cup.

Other Tests

For tests involving saliva, there are a variety of gums, capsules, and mouthwashes that claim to deliver purified saliva. There are also a variety of shampoos, cleansing hair mud products, and purifying systems for hair tests.

Do They Work?

In short, no.

Home remedies and online products are often expensive and don’t succeed in cleansing or detoxifying urine. Dilution and additives show up on the results to alert employers to perform further testing.

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