Is “Monkey Dust” the Next Big Drug?

As if law enforcement and government officials didn’t have enough problems controlling the drug epidemic, there seems to be a new drug to deal with.

Termed “Monkey Dust,” this dangerous drug can cause a variety of effects such as:

  • hallucinations
  • psychosis
  • involuntary body movements
  • incredible strength

Monkey Dust is a synthetic cathinone–a manmade substance from the naturally occurring drug found in the khat plant. It is in powder form that can be white or off-white, as well as yellow or brown.

The substance is illegal in the United States but distributors have been known to market it as plant food or bath salts to avoid detection. It is a cheap drug, but one with tremendous effects.

Users report its effects similar to those of speed, ecstasy, and cocaine. Law enforcement in the UK report trying to detain individuals under the influence of monkey dust is like trying to arrest the Incredible Hulk. One man climbed a building and jumped off it, landed on a car, and began wrestling with the police. He appeared not to be able to feel pain.

The long-term side effects of the drug are unknown. Even more disturbing is there is currently no treatment for those addicted to the substance. Monkey dust has the potential to destroy many lives.

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