Millions Driving Under the Influence… of Drugs

It’s common knowledge that driving under the influence of alcohol is a dangerous practice. The consequences of driving intoxicated can be a matter of life and death (or at the very least, legal repercussions). And still, about 8% of drivers are intoxicated.

But while alcohol DUIs is widely discussed, there is a type of DUI that is rarely debated: altered mental status due to drugs. 

A new report from US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 12 million adults had driven under the influence of marijuana in the last 12 months, and 2.3 million of those adults also admitted to driving under the influence of other drugs like cocaine or meth.

This shakes out to be 4.7 percent of Americans driving under the influence of marijuana, and 0.9 percent under the influence of other drugs. Males were more likely to drive under the influence, as were teens aged 16-20. Non-Hispanic, multiracial persons had the highest drug DUI rate at 9.2%.

While these numbers aren’t as high as alcohol use, the fact remains that Americans drive under the influence of drugs. In many ways, driving under the influence of drugs can be more dangerous because a drug’s side effects like delusions, hallucinations, tremors, anxiety, and more, can lead to more hazardous driving. Watch this video to learn more about driving under the influence of drugs:

It’s likely that if an individual will drive under the influence of drugs, they will also appear at their employment under the influence, as well. As an employer, you have the right—and responsibility—to perform random drug tests if you have a reasonable suspicion that an employee is high.

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