Riskier Drugs Are About to Hit the Market

Restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are increasing almost every day. More and more governing officials are recommending and enforcing social isolation, the closing of public places, and restricting how often individuals can leave their places of residence. Stress from the current crisis can be particularly troubling from drug addicts, as explained in this video:

Health officials are now warning that such restrictions will lead to adulterated illegal drugs. These altered drugs will be significantly more toxic—and therefore, deadly.

Users of drugs will add additional burdens to an already-taxed healthcare system, either by consuming these dangerous new drugs or by undergoing withdrawal symptoms and needing supplemental healthcare to recover.

To combat these concerns, new guidance measures encourage supplying safe prescription drugs to addicts via home delivery. These could be prescribed via telehealth appointments with a physician. Even though this may seem like an outrageous proposal, it has the potential to save lives.

“We’re dealing with one public health emergency on top of another and the challenges are unlike anything we’ve ever seen,” says Judy Darcy, B.C.’s minister of health and addictions. “Physical distancing is not easy when you are living in poverty, visiting a clinic every day to get your medicine and relying on an unpredictable illegal drug supply.”

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