Should Truckers Use CBD Oil?

Although marijuana and CBD are being decriminalized–or made legal–in a growing number of states, CDL holders should still be cautious when using CBD oil.

CBD is readily available in gas stations and truck stops around the country. Truck drivers can buy CBD in just about any form–edibles, tinctures, cookies, gummies, and more. But why should CDL holders avoid CBD products?

Many products contain Delta-8 or Delta-10 THC, which shows up as the federally illegal marijuana on a drug test. Unfortunately, many CDL holders have been unable to work due to a positive drug test.

While it might be tempting to try CBD products, either for pain relief, deeper sleep, or just for fun, CDL holders must ask themselves if it’s worth the consequences of potentially testing positive on a drug test. For now, it is probably best to avoid CBD products and keep your steady job.

In the future, when the legality of CBD becomes clearer, it’s likely that CDL holders will be able to use CBD products with no consequences.

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