Synthetic Weed Falsely Advertised as CBD

There aren’t many laws and quality regulations in the U.S. regarding CBD products and marijuana. CBD products can be sold in every state because they don’t contain the psychoactive component of marijuana–THC.

But because there aren’t laws regulating the quality of CBD, it’s easy for manufacturers and distributors to advertise and sell a false product.

This is what happened with one store in North Carolina.

The Fayetteville Police Department discovered that two smoke shops were related to an out-of-state investigation. The report states they found “synthetic marijuana, falsely labeled CBD products, and millions in cash.”

The products included:

  • “6,000 units of products containing synthetic cannabinoids falsely labeled as CBD; 
  • 500 doses of substances suspected to contain synthetic cannabinoids;
  • 1,000 units of homemade edibles suspected to contain synthetic cannabinoids;
  • Approximately $2 million in cash”

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, synthetic drugs are more potent and have greater side effects than natural CBD or marijuana. While users may tolerate or be helped by natural CBD or marijuana, synthetic products can be detrimental.

Users must thoroughly research products before purchase to ensure quality. It’s also best to speak with your physician to ensure CBD or marijuana doesn’t interfere with health complications or medications.

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