THC Drugs Approved by FDA?

The North Carolina House passed Senate Bill 448 with a vote of 92-9. The bill would legalize FDA-approved THC medications and indicates that previously-passed Senate Bill 711 would be dead before it arrives at the House.

Senate Bill 711 would legalize medical marijuana under The Compassionate Care Act. It carries strict rules regarding producers, distributors, and law enforcement. Additionally, “cannabis industry experts, doctors, and pharmacists, all appointed by N.C. lawmakers and the governor,” according to the news release.

Sen. Jim Burgin, a chair of the Senate‚Äôs Health Care Committee and Health and Human Services Appropriations Committee, got involved with the bill because of its impact on epileptic children. Under the amendment, Epidiolex–a THC-derived drug that helps with seizures–would become illegal.

Burgin is looking ahead to many more THC-derived drugs in the future and stresses the importance of FDA testing and approval prior to legalization.

It seems as though North Carolina is still grid-locked with its stance on marijuana legalization. However, it’s likely that the state will see legalization in the future as more studies come out proving the efficacy of THC-derived drugs.

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