Woman Receives Lifelong Ban From Carnival Cruiseline Because of CBD Gummies

While CBD products are largely unregulated by the federal government, private companies have some regulations of their own.

A woman received a lifelong ban from the cruise liner Carnival after she tried to board the ship with CBD gummies.

Melinda Van Veldhuizen was boarding a cruise ship in Florida when TSA pulled her out of line and had her wait two and a half hours.

Van Veldhuizen had the CBD gummies because of her difficulty sleeping. She purchased the gummies legally, and CBD is not banned in the state of Florida. However, Carnival holds to federal law which defines CBD as a controlled substance and can therefore not be brought on a cruise ship.

Van Veldhuizen was not allowed to board the ship, even after relinquishing the gummies. She was not reimbursed for her ticket and later received a letter stating she was banned for life from Carnival Cruises.

Many CBD users feel outraged on behalf of Van Veldhuizen, but her story serves as a warning to CBD users. Even though CBD and its various products are not banned or regulated by the federal government, private companies can still institute private laws regarding the substance.

If you are a CBD user, check before traveling to ensure you are cleared to bring CBD with you. This would include any cruise ship, airplane, train, or other mode of public transportation. You should also check to make sure CBD products aren’t banned at your destination.

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