WVU Studying CBD Effects on Driving

If you feel like you see CBD products everywhere, you’re not crazy! CBD oil and products have been a rapidly growing industry since the U.S. Farm Bill in 2018 legalized industrial hemp. Since then, there’s been an explosion of CBD products, brands, and shops.

While many people tout the benefits of CBD oil, its still a largely unstudied substance. We don’t really know the effects it has on various organs or body systems, nor do we know its long-term effects. We also haven’t studied the safety of certain tasks, such as driving after ingesting CBD oil.

West Virginia University decided to find out.

Tucked away in a basement room on WVU’s campus, you’ll find the Driving Simulation Lab. The simulator includes a steering wheel, pedals and turn signals. A computer screen enables participants a visual experience of driving; they can watch the road, pedestrians and stop lights.

WVU Professor Toni Marie Rudisill studies drunk driving, distracted driving, and medications that impact driving. When CBD oil became popular on campus, Rudisill just had to wonder what the effects were for driving and she took action.

Participants of the study were divided into two groups. One group received a 3 ML or a 300 mg dose of CBD oil and the other received a placebo. The simulator judged any impairments based on collisions, lane departures, turn signal usage, and swerving, among other criteria.

Once Rudisill’s study concludes and the results are published, she hopes to conduct a larger study to test more doses.

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