Are CBD Labels Trustworthy?

When you buy medicine approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), you expect it to contain the ingredients labeled and the medicine properly dosed. It would be incredibly dangerous for the manufacturer to put in extra ingredients or vary widely on the medicine dose.

But is this what happens with CBD products?

An investigation by Good Health found that CBD product labels contain vastly different amounts of CBD than what is advertised. Because CBD products are not evaluated for safety or specifications by federal agencies, this lack of accountability can result in:

  • Dangerous products – A consumer may take the recommended amount but have too much CBD. In the Good Health report, eight of the 13 products evaluated had more CBD than advertised, and one product had twice the amount advertised.
  • Overpriced products – If a product advertises 30 mg of CBD in its product but it only contains 15 mg, then the product is overpriced. Consumers are paying far more for CBD than they realize.

Now that CBD products are sold nearly everywhere and in nearly every form, it’s important to be wise about how much CBD you consume because it can be in various forms. For instance, you may eat the recommended amount of gummies, but you are also using a CBD massage oil and taking CBD drops. This cumulative effect can cause you to overdose on CBD.

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