Alcohol: A Gateway Drug

Although there may be some extreme stories, forming an addiction to drugs may not be as radical as you may think. In many cases, drug addiction comes from small addictions over time.

We are all addicted to something from sugar and shopping to the plethora of apps and social engagements on our phones, exercise, or coffee.

Over time, these small addictions lose some of their appeals and we desire more. The craving for a piece of dark chocolate after a meal turns into two or three pieces. Your morning cup of coffee turns into a trip to the local coffee shop after lunch.

Similarly, alcohol can be a “gateway drug” of sorts because it increases the risk of someone trying other drugs. The National Institute on Drug Abuse found that alcohol primes the brain to progress to more harmful substances.

While it’s important to consider illegal drug use amongst your employees, it’s also wise to be mindful of alcohol intake. If an employee is indulging in alcohol, they may be using illegal drugs–or tempted to. If you notice that an employee turns to alcohol, take investigative action! You may save them from a lifetime of regret.

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