COVID and the Opioid Crisis: A New Study

The COVID-19 pandemic was catastrophic to every individual, but some felt it greater than others. The isolation, lack of resources, anxiety, depression, and more that so many people experienced were devastating in 2020, but the ripple effects have been felt in the two years since the beginning of the pandemic.

One group of individuals perhaps struggled more than the rest of us: those who battle addiction, specifically to opioids. Health officials warned that the forced isolation could break those struggling with opioid addiction. For many, it did.

Now, a $3.5 million grant is being given to economist Elaine Hill, Ph.D. and Meredith Adams, M.D. of Wake Forest University School of Medicine to study the impact the pandemic has had on the opioid crisis. The study will specifically look into how different communities were affected and if the progress made from crisis plans in recent years can be recovered.

Opioid-related deaths had been trending down prior to the pandemic but jumped up 28% in 2020. However, researchers feel the number is actually much higher due to underreporting.

Opioid addiction is dangerous and challenging for friends and family to manage, and it’s best done in a community. Start by educating yourself and providing support. It can also be helpful to require drug tests for accountability.

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