Cincinnati High School to Give Mandatory Drug Tests in 2020

One high school in Cincinnati, Ohio, is taking some statistics very seriously.

Ohio is second only to West Virginia for the states with the most opioid overdose-related deaths. Seeking to protect students and make a difference, Badin High School, a Catholic school in the Cincinnati area, announced that beginning in 2020, they will require an annual drug test for their students.

The school administrators state the purpose of the policy is to “provide students with help first and to involve parents or guardians every step of the way.”

Each student will be tested at least once a year. Refusal to abide by the policy counts as a positive test. If a student tests positive, the parents or guardians will be notified and must be evaluated by another professional within 90 days.

A first positive test won’t result in disciplinary action, but after a second positive test, the student will have regular drug tests throughout their enrollment and be given a 10-day suspension. A student who tests positively for a third time must meet with school officials and could face expulsion.

With the ever-climbing rise in youth drug use, the school can be commended for their commitment to see teens say ‘no’ drugs.

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