Don’t lose your job over your addiction

More than 70% of substance abusers are still employed.

Especially for addicts, it’s easy to shrug off all the warning signs. Distorted and irrational thinking that justifies continued substance use is common. It’s easy for addicts to tell themselves they’ve got their addiction under control, especially if they’re employed.

But as addiction counselor Joel Lewin puts it, “having a job can be both the biggest hindrance and the biggest help to overcoming addiction.”

The fear of losing a job after admitting to substance use is understandable. A former addict himself, Lewin sympathizes, “It feels more manageable to tell yourself you’re not ready for that step, and to put it off, and keep putting it off—until you reach a crisis point at work or at home and change is forced on you.”

But there’s a way for to both save a job and be free from addiction!

Most people think “rehab” when discussing addiction recovery. This leads to uncertainty and understandable procrastination and balking at change. Instead, Lewin recommends addicts getting help in an incremental progression, starting with talking to a former addict or an addiction counselor. Voicing their concerns is the first step towards breaking through addiction and recovering.

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