New Technology to Test and Track Heroin Use

A few months ago, Harrow Council in the UK developed an innovative technology fingerprinting system that could detect various drugs by simply taking a fingerprint. While this excellent technology is highly anticipated, another state-of-the-art fingerprint detection technology is in the works.

In a fascinating study published in The Journal of Analytical Toxicology, a team of experts from the University of Surrey describe their fingerprint tool that detects heroin, its metabolite, 6-monoacetylmorphine (6-AM) and other analytes associated with the class A drug.

The tool is sensitive enough to trace heroin and 6-AM through fingerprints in almost every situation imaginable, like “whether someone directly touched the drug, handled it and then thoroughly washed their hands, or had come into contact with heroin via shaking someone else’s hand.”

Dr. Melanie Bailey from the University of Surrey said: “Our team here at the University of Surrey believes that the technology we are developing will make our communities safer and shorten the route for those who need help to beat their addictions. We also believe the technology has scope in other areas, such as confirming whether a patient is taking their medication.”

While technology is always fascinating and advancing, the tool isn’t available yet. So in the meantime, conventional drug testing measures are accurate and reliable.

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