New Intelligence Technology for Drug Testing!

Harrow Council in the UK has developed and successfully completed a trial for drug testing.

The innovative technology called Intelligent Fingerprinting uses fingerprints alone for the test. According to the report, the “portable device analyze[s] tiny traces of sweat from fingerprints and within ten minutes, it accurately detects use of drugs ranging from marijuana to heroin and more, which could only be possible by taking an urine or saliva sample.”

The technology was undertaken and developed by Harrow Council’s Children and Family Care service. Their purpose was to help parents prove that they were clean from drugs and help families stay together.

Christine Robson, Portfolio Holder for Children and Families, boldly claims Intelligent Fingerprinting is better than every type of conventional drug testing. She said, “It allows people to prove they’re clean with no fuss, in ten minutes flat. Its low cost means we don’t have to think twice about testing, and it gives people the assurance and satisfaction of showing their clear test results right away.”

This way, families can stay together without detaining children separate from parents until a conventional drug test comes back as clean.

Alternatively, if the results come back as parents being high, Robson says “well that’s better for everyone too, as we can engage with the issue right away, together.” Perhaps in the future, Intelligent Fingerprinting can be used by law enforcement and even employers.

While technology is always fascinating and advancing, the Intelligent Fingerprinting isn’t widely available yet. So in the meantime, conventional drug testing measures are accurate and reliable.

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