New York Passes Laws Protecting the Rights of Cannabis Users

Mayor Bill DeBlasio of New York, NY permitted two important regarding cannabis bills to become law absent his signature. These two bills—No. 1427 and No. 1445—limit the situations where cannabis users seeking employment or on probation may be drug tested for past cannabis exposure.

Erik Altieri, the Executive Director for NORML—an organization that seeks to legalize the responsible use of marijuana—commented in favor of both bills, “These reforms protect the civil liberties of New Yorkers and promote fair treatment… We shouldn’t penalize those who privately use cannabis responsibly from gainful employment, nor should the courts seize upon this behavior as a justification to return someone to jail or prison.”

Bill No. 1427 doesn’t require marijuana testing unless it is determined that abstinence from marijuana is necessary for the individual to lead a law-abiding life.

Bill No. 1445 prohibits the requirement of marijuana testing as a condition for employment. Exceptions are made for employees seeking safety sensitive positions, such as police officers or commercial drivers, as well as positions regulated by federal drug testing guidelines.

However, if you notice changes in your employees after hire that are consistent with drug use or abuse, you have the right to perform a random drug test. 

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