An End to the War on Drugs?

The nearly 50-year-old “war on drugs” may soon be coming to an end.

Started in 1961, Nixon made dramatic changes in response to the rise of drug use, such as increasing the size and presence of federal drug control agencies and legalizing mandatory sentencing and no-knock warrants.

But the increased stakes and consequences to drug possession and use did little to deter users and addicts. Despite the billions of dollars spent on anti-drug campaigns, thousands of lives have been lost due to drugs and millions of individuals have been incarcerated. Once released from prison, individuals struggle to find jobs and assimilate back into society, sending them once again into the vicious cycle of drugs.

All that could be changing. One program called Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) in Seattle has gained a lot of momentum. The program takes a stance of kindness, focusing on recovery instead of prosecution.

Instead of immediately arresting low-level offenders, officers are able to offer treatment programs. These treatment programs aid in addiction recovery and help offenders find stable housing and work. Many of these individuals can avoid the courts altogether and see counselors instead of judges. Violent offenders are not eligible for the program.

While only a few years old (the program began in 2011), LEAD has been the center of several studies that shows graduates of the program are more likely to not be arrested for drugs again, are able to have stable housing and jobs, and a decrease in prison population for drug use.

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