How to Tell Your Boss about Your Addiction

Most of us know the phrase “the first step towards recovery is admitting you have a problem.” And while this is true, a few other steps can ease fears about telling your boss of your substance abuse and get help.

Joel Lewin is an addiction counselor and a former heroin addict himself. He recommends starting the recovery process by sharing your addiction struggles with a former addict. This could be through social media groups or in a formal counseling setting. Getting the conversation started and opening up about fears and struggles will enable you to share your substance abuse with your boss.

Although you might have been vigilant to keep your substance abuse a secret, colleagues and employers may already suspect it. As Lewin puts it, “HR can work with honesty, but silence enables them to assume the worst and act accordingly.” This could include terminating your job.

Before talking to your employer, make sure you know your rights as well as your company’s drug, alcohol, and healthcare policies. It’s important to remember that your employer can’t discipline or fire you simply for confiding that you have a substance abuse problem. But they can discipline or fire you if your substance use impairs your ability to do your job.

Being honest with your employer is the best policy. Trying to cover up aspects of your substance abuse will inevitably catch up with you. Many employers are relieved to have all information in the open. Hiring can be costly, and many employers are willing to provide services that help retain the employees they’ve invested in and trained. At Nationwide Drug Testing Service, we understand the impact drugs have on the workplace and family. Our staff is not only understanding and considerate, but knowledgeable as well. From the moment you contact us, you can expect to deal with a professional, well-trained Representative who will be with you throughout the entire process.

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