Is CBD the New Weight Loss Fad?

There’s no denying the popularity and usage of CBD products in 2022. In fact, more than half of Americans have tried a product containing CBD or currently use CBD products.

While CBD seems to treat just about everything from depression and anxiety to muscle pain and headaches, researchers are investigating another use for CBD: weight loss.

So far, most of the research regarding weight loss or weight management has been animal studies. According to these animal studies, CBD may help convert white fat into brown fat–the calorie-burning fat.

“Animal studies can tell us what to study in humans, but you can’t make a strong conclusion that CBD helps with weight loss based on animal studies,” says Peter Grinspoon, MD, a primary care physician and cannabis specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. “Sometimes animal studies translate to humans and sometimes they don’t, which is why you really have to do the studies in humans to make sure they work.” 

Grinspoon goes on to say that CBD may cause some people to lose weight, but it can cause others to gain weight. There is still much research to be done before human trials could begin and researchers could make any conclusions.

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