CBD and Liver Damage

One body organ that can often be overlooked when discussing CBD is the liver. Your liver has many functions, such as the filtration of toxins, the breakdown of poisonous substances like alcohol and drugs, and flushing away waste with bile.

Does the old adage “everything in moderation” apply to CBD use? Or can you damage your liver by consuming CBD?

Doctors have noted that children taking FDA-approved Epidiolex for epilepsy have developed high liver enzymes. High liver enzymes indicate inflammation in the liver or other organs. Another study found that mice given high doses of CBD either died or had elevated liver enzymes.

Other studies have shown that CBD doesn’t cause liver damage when consumed in small amounts.

And this is the problem: CBD doesn’t have FDA regulation. There are not enough scientific studies showing CBD’s appropriate dosage, its interaction with other prescription drugs, or its long-term effects.

Further, while some brands invest in studies demonstrating the safety of their products, they don’t have to. Brands can analyze how much CBD is in one batch of their product, put it on their labels, and not test future batches to ensure product standardization.

This means there is the potential for vast fluctuation in how much CBD is present in any one product. This can be especially dangerous if you consume more than one product, and you could unknowingly be overloading your liver.

The bottom line: consume CBD products sparingly and as needed until further studies demonstrate safety.

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