Check Reviews Before Buying!

CBD products are currently unregulated by the FDA or other governing bodies. Despite reassurances on the label, without any regulating standards, it’s nearly impossible to tell how much CBD is in a product or if THC is contained as well.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to do a little research before buying any CBD product.

One way to determine the legitimacy of a product is by reading product reviews. You can do a little digging to learn what consumers really think of a product.

Unfortunately, the product’s website isn’t the most reliable source. The website may provide proof of certifications and other information, but you shouldn’t trust user reviews. There’s no way to confirm the legitimacy of the reviews, which are often suspiciously raving and glowing about the product.

Instead, choose reviews from real users. You can read user reviews on a site like Amazon or search the product name and “reviews” in Google for lengthier articles. These articles may uncover little-known facts about the company (good or bad) and evaluate the science behind the product.

Remember to ask your physician if you are ever unsure about a product. CBD can interfere with the performance of certain prescription medications or aggravate certain illnesses.

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