Meth Side Effects: Short and Long Term

Crystal meth is the layman’s term for d-methamphetamine, a highly-addictive drug with many side effects. Those who use meth are at high risk for drug misuse or abuse due to its addictive qualities.

Once someone begins to use meth, it can be hard to stop; however, the sooner a meth addict gets help, the fewer short and long-term side effects they will experience.

Because meth is so potent, there are many side effects.

Crystal Meth Short-Term Side Effects

Thankfully, meth isn’t instantly addictive after someone uses it for the first time. However, many people become addicted because meth is energizing and mood-lifting.

After a few doses of meth, the user may begin to notice physiological changes, such as an increased heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and body temperature. They may also notice:

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Aggression and violence
  • Tremors

Convulsions, stroke, heart attack, and death are also possible, even after a few doses.

Crystal Meth Long-Term Side Effects

The more someone uses meth, the greater the side effects. This is because the user develops a physiological tolerance to the current dose and needs more meth to feel the same high. Long-term effects include:

  • Decreased motor skills
  • Repetitive movements
  • Chronic anxiety and paranoia
  • Mood disturbances
  • Aggressive or violent behaviors
  • Delusions
  • Visual and auditory hallucinations
  • Memory loss
  • Severe dental problems
  • Malnutrition

Awareness of these symptoms can alert you to a meth addict who needs help.

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